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Electric Night Light
Players must find electric lights in this order of colour - red, amber (orange), yellow, green, blue and white. The lights must be on. Make a list of the lights you see, and call out the colour when it is seen.

WILDCARD: The first person to see a car with only one headlight on you can make it any colour they like.

The winner is the person who sees all the lights in the correct order. All sightings must be confirmed by another player or person not playing.

Evening News
Choose a person to be the anchor who leads the nightly news. The news can take place live, from any studio of choice - at the radio/TV station, the football ground or school hall, from a restaurant, a sheep station or outside a cinema. Other players become the reporters who will present various stories, the weather, sporting results, entertainment, stock market trading or farming news. Each of the reporters and presenters make up their own stories.

Some players can have more than one role and might be the eyewitness of an event, or a commentator with an opinion. They can be interviewed by one of the reporters. The game might begin like this:

Anchor: Good evening, this is (name) and this is the Channel 4 Evening News. Later we have the Weather Report with (name) and Sports News Today with (name) . But first, our top story tonight is…(subject of choice).

The Anchor then reports on the 2 or 3 main stories for the day, and crosses back and forth to other reporters.

Rap to the beat
Kids love this game because you can be really silly! Make up a 2-line rhyme about anything you like.

We are going far,
In the back seat of the car


How do you eat,
With your hands or your feet?


In the middle of the night,
Cockroaches have a fight

You can make up rhymes about things you can see out the window - or about the things you would like to do when you get to your destination.

Variation: Join the rhymes together to make a `rap` story.

Thumb Wrestling
It`s really silly but it`s fun. Two people lock right hands with all fingers except the thumbs. The thumb remains free. Players then call out `one, two, three, thumb`. On the word thumb, each player tries to pin down the other player’s thumb. Players can`t unlock their hands or move them around.

Tipping the Tripmeter
Every player picks a number between 10 and 20 and a scorer writes down the number. The driver resets the tripmeter, and says `go`. As time passes each player calls out when they think their number has come up on the dial.

The scorer records the actual number on the dial but doesn`t tell the players. When all players have guessed, the scorer calculates the difference between the guessed number and the actual number. This can go on in rounds until a time limit is reached or a kilometre point is reached. About 10 minutes or 25 kilometres is about right.

The winner is the player with the fewest points.