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1.Square Step 1
2.Square Step 2
3.Square Step 3
4.Square Step 4
1. Start with a square piece of paper shown here. Fold it once on a diagonal, then unfold it. 2. Fold it once on the other diagonal. Then unfold it. You'll get this. 3. Fold each corner to the middle point. 4. You'll get this.
5.Square Step 5
6.Square Step 6
7.Square Step 7
8.Square Step 8
5. Turn the folded paper over. Now fold each of the four corners in the middle. 6. You'll get this. Eight triangles that you should colour separately, and number 1 to 8. 7. Lift the eight triangles open and write a fortune under each. (Example: "Eagles will soar over your life. Better wear a hat.") 8. Fold the square in half to make a rectangle.
9.Square Step 9
10.Square Step 10
9. Slip your fingers under the flaps as shown. Fiddle around the flaps as shown. Fiddle around with them until it looks like the picture. 10. To operate" Ask you friend to choose a number - any number - from 1 to 8.
Open and shut the fortune teller that many times. When you're done with that, four numbers will be visible inside the fortune.

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