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Winner - Mary From Winkleigh, Tas
My husband and I used to race Harness Horses and spent many weekends driving with a horse float. Here in Tassie we think it is a major expedition if we have to drive for more than 90 minutes as we are used to it not being far to anywhere. One time we decided to go to a country meet some 2 hours drive away and dutifully prepared the night before. The car was checked, the horse float hooked up, and gear washed and packed. The horse was bedded down and fed and the kids sent to bed in preparation for an early start. The next day it was all go. The horse was fed, the kids were fed (I think), and we all piled in and went to the races. When we arrived the gear and the kids were unpacked, the husband went off to pay the race fees for the horse and I went to unload the float, only to find that it was empty. My husband and I both thought the other one had put the horse in. We sure did feel like Wallys! We had even commented on how well the horse was travelling and the car was handling the load.

Winner - Roger from Hampton, Victoria
It sounded simple enough. The rest of the family was going up first. Then I was to join them after my work commitments three days later. My wife phoned me from Mildura to say that they got there all right and the weather was good.

In two days time I hopped on the train at Spencer Street in Melbourne and made the journey north. After a tiresome eight hours, I knocked on their hotel door.

"Where"s the car?" my wife asked.
"What?&dbquo; I exclaimed, "You drove it up here!"
"No! We agreed that you would need the car for work so we all caught the train here," she reminded me.
"Oh no!" I groaned, turning a dark shade of red.

I had forgotten the car! It had been sitting in our garage and I hadn"t even noticed.