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1. Where to go?
  • Involve your child in selecting the type of holiday and the destination. Older children in particular will appreciate this, and a holiday chosen by the whole family is more likely to be a hit with everyone.

  • Balance sightseeing and fun. It's great to introduce your children to cultural activities - a trip to the museum, a music performance - but remember that little bodies have plenty of energy that needs to be burnt off. Read the signs and be prepared to leave when your children have had enough. After a hard morning at the museum, kick back and let the kids run around in the afternoon. Find the local playground or soccer oval. A hotel or resort with a pool is perfect for a holiday with children as they can cool off, have fun and use up some energy as well.

2. Meals on holiday
  • When you are eating out, check out the kids’ meals menu which can offer a great selection of meals in kid-sized portions. However, some places seem to believe that kids eat nothing but fish fingers, chicken nuggets and chips. Not very healthy. If you want to choose healthier options, try the main menu but order entrée size portions or split a main serve between the kids.

  • Many types of accommodation can arrange a high chair for littlies but you may need to plan ahead. If booking a restaurant, specify a high chair at the time of booking if your child needs one.

  • Remember to take bibs and sometimes a favourite cup, bowl or spoon can help if your child is a fussy eater.

  • If you are travelling with a baby, find out what will be available at your destination, or consider taking your preferred brand of formula, baby food, nappies and wipes.

3. Fun in the sun
  • Slip, slap, slop! On holiday it's just as important to keep the sun at bay for all the family. You don't want your precious holiday ruined by sunburn or heatstroke.

  • If out in the heat, make sure you and the children drink plenty of fluids. Stay in the shade where possible and stay out of the sun over the midday period when UV intensity is at its highest.

4. In the city
  • If you are visiting the city, don't forget how much children enjoy travelling on public transport. A bus, train or ferry ride is often a great way to see the city and an inexpensive outing for the whole family as well.

  • When visiting a big event, write your mobile phone number on your child's arm. Take your mobile with you and if your child gets lost, you can be easily re-united. It's safer than writing their name and/or address on a label on their clothes. For older children, arrange a meeting point if you get separated in the crowds.

5. Toys and games
  • If your child has a favourite toy or cuddly that sleeps with them, remember to pack it. Once you have arrived at your destination, it may be too late to discover that you have left Teddy at home...

  • Take some toys and games to play in your hotel room or apartment. They'll come in handy when the weather is wet, in the middle of the day when the children need to stay out of the sun or in the evening before bedtime. A few board or card games that the whole family will enjoy can become firm favourites for the holiday.

6. Kids Clubs Part 1
  • If you want to make use of a resort's kids' club, check its availability during your stay. Some resorts only operate a kids' club during school holidays or offer a more restricted program in school term time.

  • Check prices as well. The kids' club is free at some resorts, while there is a cost for using others.

7. Kids Clubs Part 2
  • If you are lucky enough to be staying at a resort which has a kids' club, why not make use of it?

  • If your child isn't used to being left in that type of situation, ask if you can visit the club with your child for a short period of time prior to making a booking. Let the child see that the other children are having fun, and talk about the types of activities they might like to do when they visit the club.

  • When you leave your child, briefly say goodbye, reassure them that you will be back at a time they will understand ("before lunch, after your nap, etc") and calmly walk out.

  • Make sure you enjoy your time out - don't keep fretting about how your child is coping.

8. Babysitters on holidays
  • If using a babysitting service, let your children know what you are planning, keep to their normal routine as much as possible and spend some time before you leave to settle them with the babysitter.

  • Let the babysitter know where you will be and leave a contact number, even if you will be staying within the resort.

9. Making memories
  • Encourage your child to keep a travel journal, both for the journey and once you arrive at your destination. They will really enjoy referring back to it when they return home.

  • Keep ticket stubs, booklets, maps, business cards and anything else you can think of, and help your children create a scrapbook about your holiday when you return home. Add your own photos as well. It's a great way to keep memories alive, especially for that special "once in a lifetime" holiday.