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Easy Add
The idea of this game is to add the last number of the number plate of each passing car. Somebody writes the numbers down for each person, as they take their turn, and the first person to get to the agreed score (i.e. 50, 100 etc.) is the winner. This can be played with all the occupants of the car and in reality is a pretty fair game as no one can change the number of the plate coming towards you. There is only one problem with this game and that is it can sometimes be difficult to read the number plate on cars that speed by, but the easy way out of this is to let the person whose turn it was have the next car.

Golden Family

It`s Show Time
Roll up! Roll up! Ladies and gents, because it’s show time, where everyone gets to perform an item in the show. Tell a joke, sing a song, tell a story, say a poem, do a magic trick, (there`s nothing up my sleeve) pull a funny face or do puppet show. Anything in the car can be turned into a puppet. Everyone can play, even the driver!

Someone can be the MC to give silly introductions - "and all the way from Sassafras is the splendidly superb, smashing and sensational Suzanna who will sing Ten Fat Sausages Frying in the Pan". And of course everyone can clap after every performance - except the driver.

Name Game
Find 5 car numberplates that have the first letter of your own name in it. Then you can look for 5 numberplates that have the second letter of your name in it. Then look for numberplates with the third letter of your name and so on. You can make it a race - or work as a team.

Variation: Number plates with your age.

(Sometimes players find it hard to check every numberplate of lots of fast oncoming cars. You can suggest that they only look at every second or third car)

Two Facts and a Fib
The first person tells everyone three things about themselves. Two statements will be fact and one will be a fib. Everyone else guesses which one is the fib by holding up one, two or three fingers to show which statement is not true. E.g. "I got all my spelling words right last week. My favourite food is tripe. Billy Bowen in my class got $5 for his lost tooth from the tooth fairy." You will be amazed at what you learn!

What did you put in your backpack?
This memory game can go on from here to Timbuktu without stopping - as players build a list of things that go in the backpack.

The group in chorus asks the question – “What did you put in your backpack?”

Each player then takes a turn to answer “In my backpack I put…” But there`s a tricky part, because each player must list the items previously named in order before adding a new one. E.g.:

Everyone: What did you put in your backpack?

Player 1: In my backpack I put some polka dot undies.

Everyone: What did you put in your backpack?

Player 2: In my backpack I put some polka dot undies and a toothbrush.

Everyone: What did you put in your backpack?

Player 3: In my backpack I put some polka dot undies, a toothbrush and a birdcage.

Anything can go in the backpack - and you`ll be astonished at what does.

Where do you do it?
One person mimics a sound and everyone else has to guess where the sound is made. For example, if a player made the noise of a swing squeaking back and forward, the answer would be "at the park".

Or a player might make the sound of a washing machine spinning the clothes dry - and the answer would be "in the laundry".

This game can degenerate into toilet humour, which is probably why kids think that it`s such FUN.