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Colour I-Spy
This is the junior version of the `I spy ` game. One person secretly chooses an object and everyone must try to guess what it is. They then recite the starting rhyme:

I spy, with my little eye, something that is the colour… (pick a colour)

Colour Spot
Choose a colour. The first person to find 10 cars in that colour is the winner.

Finger Puppets
Help the kids turn their fingers into talking puppets. Use a pen to draw two dots for eyes and a squiggle for a mouth on one finger of each hand. The index fingers are the best one to start with. Draw hair, bow ties, earrings or a hat. You could tie a handkerchief around the finger or give your puppet some clothes. Move over Muppets!

I See You See
Players take turns at telling what they can see out the window. Only one thing at a time is named, but players must not repeat what anyone else has seen. The game is very simple at the beginning, but gets more difficult as more and more things are named.

Paper bag mysteries
You can also use the humble paper bag in a mystery game. Choose a mystery object and put it inside the bag. Secure the top with a rubber band, string or any sort of clip. Each player then tries to guess what is in the bag - to help them try and guess let them shake it, smell it or feel it.

The winner gets to put something in the mystery bag.

The Glove Box of the car is a treasure trove of little mystery objects.