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20 Questions - The Advanced Version
The famous old WHO AM I game.

One player thinks of a famous person or object. The other players in the group must try to guess the answer, by asking questions to which only YES or NO can be answered. Players can only ask 20 questions in total.

Usually the objects chosen are animal, vegetable or mineral. Why not choose from famous historical events, famous songs & operas, famous paintings & artworks, or famous books?

You have to know your cars and your countries to play this one! This game is a game where you join the names of cars and countries (or cities) end-to-end.

The first player counts cars in the oncoming direction until they reach the 10th car. The model of the car is the first link in this chain e.g.Holden.

Within the next 30 seconds the next player must name a country or city that begins with the last letter of Holden - e.g. Newcastle.

Following on in the same way, the next player must name a car that begins with the last letter of Newcastle - e.g. Escort.

No repeats are allowed.

Golden Oldies
Use the cassette or CD player in the car and some `old songs of your youth` for this one. Play the first 1 or 2 seconds of a song lyric, then press the STOP button. Try to stop in the middle of a line.

Challenge players to finish the rest of the line of the song and then name the title of the song and the singer. If you want to make if really tough ask players to nominate the year it was sung.

You could make up a tape of selected `snippets` at home, before the trip.

Mystery Word Maker
The first player begins the game by saying the first letter of the mystery word they have in mind. In turn, each player adds a letter to the one that came before also with a word in mind.

Players drop out of the game if:

- they cannot add to the word or
- they have made a complete word with the letter they added or
- if, when challenged by another player, they cannot name the word they had in mind.

Bluffing is allowed but challenges from other players must be made before a new letter is added to the mystery word.

The winner is the last person left.

Hint: You may need a dictionary to help

Trivia Quiz (new one each month!)
Print out this month`s trivia quiz. 50 questions and answers to really get you thinking!