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Work in teams or go it alone to try to reach 100 without making a mistake. Beginning with the number one take a turn at saying the next number. Every time you reach a number that is divisible by four (4,8,12, 16) or has a four in it (14, 24) you say `BUZZ` instead. If someone makes a mistake then you go back to the start.

Variations: Choose numbers divisible by three, six, seven etc. Easier variation: try five.

Car Calculators
Practice your maths skills with this game. Add up the road signs along the way to get to 300. Or your can work backwards from 300 and subtract the numbers as you find them.

Crazy Animals
Players pick a number plate combination on the next car they see - and make up a crazy animal e.g. the letters HGS could make the animal Hairy Green Spider.

The first 2 letters of the numberplate become the adjectives that describe the animal e.g. H is hairy and G is green. The last letter makes the beginning of a noun, which names the type of animal e.g. S becomes spider

HGS could also be Horrible Giant Snake and ALO could be an Angry Little Octopus.

Variations: Crazy Food , Crazy People.

Fast Eyes
Each player picks a different colour and 4 different objects, e.g. car, roof, road sign. The aim of the game is to be the first to find all your objects and in your selected colour.
The longer the drive, the more objects to search for.

Submitted by Chrisie

Gimme 5
Choose a letter and find five things that start with that letter. One of the five can be a written word - a street name, advertisement or numberplate character. eg. for the letter "f" a player might find: fence, fan-belt, Falcon, frog and the number plate "FJA 333". Work in teams or go it alone. Some good letters to start with are - c, s, t.

Grow A Story
This game is for the kids in the back and you need to have two or more players.

Each player takes it in turns to say three words and the next player takes up from where they left off to try and make a story. For example, if the first person says, "Once there was...", then the next person might say " elephant with..." and the third might add "...three tusks. And..." This would continue until someone mucked up or ended the story. It"s very time-consuming.

Submitted by M. Hunt

Triple Treat
This game is for the storytellers amongst us. Choose three words that are nouns e.g. rock, wizard, and chair. Each storyteller must make up a story that has these three things in it. Kids have fun letting their imagination run amok - anything goes!