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A Piece of Peace
How long can everyone be quiet? At the word `go` everyone stays silent until they spot a particular object - e.g. someone with a hat on, a number plate with the letter Z or an elephant with three legs, etc. To make the game last longer, players should agree on a `time-out ` signal. The game can then restart when the time-out is finished.

Guess a Minute
How long is a second? How long is sixty seconds? How big is the universe?
This is a fun, most-of-the-time quiet game. Designate one person to be timekeeper but understand that you may have to temporarily part with your Seiko.The timekeeper says go and everyone has to guess when a minute is up.

You can help your child understand the real meaning of those throwaway lines “Just a minute”, “Wait a minute”, “I`ll be back in a minute” and “It will only take you a minute”. Maybe.

A pantomime is silent acting. An actor can`t say anything but they can use legs, arms or any part of the body to act - e.g. pretending to have a shower by turning on the water, putting on a shower cap, washing and drying yourself.

Actors put on performances and the other players must guess what is being acted out. Ideas for pantomimes could be nursery rhymes, planting seeds in the garden, brushing teeth or blowing out candles on a cake. You could also group ideas into food, clothes, animals or occupations.

Sign Language Game
When you can"t find the volume switch on your child"s head, teach them a bit of finger-spelling sign language.

For the next 10 or 15 minutes, players must speak in sign language only! It will improve their spelling, it will sharpen their powers of concentration and it will work faster than 2 disprins and a good lie down. You can get a copy of sign language here.

Write a Diary
No need to wait until you get there - a travel diary can start straight away. Encourage kids to write things down - what they are hoping to do on their holiday, the weather, cloud shapes and formations, things happening out the window, things happening in the car, descriptions of landscapes and names of towns e.g. Passed through Currimbomula at 11:23 am , population 357, runner-up for Top Tidy Town

Make up poems and rhymes about the trip, draw sketches, collect and sticky tape in all sorts of other memorabilia - lolly wrappers, leaves, toothpicks, tickets, flowers, postcards, restaurant receipts - you name it.