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Itís just like the game `BUZZí in the section Games for 7-12 only itís harder! You say FUZZ for every number with a three or is divisible by three and BUZZ for every number with a seven or is divisible by seven. Here we go - 1, 2, FUZZ, 4, 5, FUZZ, BUZZ, 8, FUZZ - and we`re not even to 10 yet!!!!

Hint - itís definitely worth having a warm up game of BUZZ first.

I Know a Pop Star…
A WHO AM I? game. One player thinks of a pop star (movies, singer, musician etc) and keeps it secret. Other players take turns to ask questions which can only be answered with a YES or NO.

Name that tune
Use the cassette or CD player in the car and some music for this one. Play the first 2 seconds of the beginning of some song lyrics then press the STOP button. Challenge players to sing the rest of the first line of the song .For bonus points the players must name the title of the song and who is singing it.

A caller and timekeeper are needed for this game. On the word `go` a caller finds the first street name or 2 word road sign they see. All players must write the words down and make as many smaller words as they can - e.g. if a player called out Toongabbie Street would make smaller words such as beat, strange, strong, anger, tree, etc. Words must be four letters or more.

A timekeeper calls out stop after 2 minutes. Words are worth 2 points each, but only 1 point if another player has the same word. The winner is the person with the most points.

You need 3 or more players for this game. Choose a Word Leader. The leader picks a vowel (A, E, I, O, U) that can`t be used. For the rest of the game that letter is TABOO.

The Word Leader now asks a question to each of the players in turn. Players must answer without using any words that contain that TABOO vowel. Answers must make sense and should contain 3 or more words. It`s not easy!

If the TABOO vowel is used, the player is out of the game. The winner is the last player left.

The winner then becomes the Word Leader and picks a new TABOO vowel.