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  •   Perth - Untourist Attractions

•   Western Australian Cricket Assoc Museum
The Western Australian Cricket Association Museum provides an insight into the history of cricket and other sports. The museum features a rich and culturally diverse historical collection. Individual and group tours are available several days per week.

•   Leeuwin Ocean Adventure
Spend the weekend on a traditional square-rigger as an active crewmember. The Leeuwin II is a ship with three masts and sixteen sails, and is modelled on a vessel around one hundred years old. The weekend trip runs from Friday evening to Sunday evening.

•   Perth Outback Camels
Visit Perth Outback Camels where you can take a camel ride. Short rides and longer treks are available. The longer rides head towards the beach and if you`re there in the late afternoon, you`ll have the chance to view the sunset as you ride. If you don`t fancy a camel ride, there are horses as well.

•   Museum of Childhood
The Museum of Childhood is part of Edith Cowan University. Displays and exhibitions include the history of bush schools, toys and games, infant care and child raising practices. The museum is open to the public four days per week.

•   Tumbulgum Farm
Experience life on an Australian farm, see sheep mustering and shearing, feed lambs, milk cows, crack a whip, take a hayride or see one of the live farm shows. The farm also offers Aboriginal culture, including dancing, didgeridoo music and tales from the Dreamtime.

•   Fire Safety Education Centre and Museum
Located in the historic Old Perth Fire Station, the Fire Safety Education Centre and Museum displays historic firefighting equipment. There are videos, a range of special facilities for children and young people, together with educational shows on fire safety.

•   Fremantle Prison Museum
One of Western Australia`s premier heritage sites, built by convict labour in 1850, Fremantle Prison was decommissioned in 1991. It is now a museum and you can take a tour of the cells - if you're feeling brave, take a candlelit tour at night. Selected cells show different stages of its 136-year history. See how life differed for the convict and an inmate of the 1990s.

•   University of Western Australia
Stroll around the University of Western Australia campus at Crawley. Admire the many fine buildings, the quiet gardens and pools and the river views. Visit the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery which houses the university art collection and features a changing menu of temporary exhibitions.

•   Berndt Museum of Anthropology
While at the UWA campus, take a look at the Berndt Museum of Anthropology, the only Anthropology Museum in Australia that is not part of a teaching department. The museum holds extensive collections of Australian Aboriginal art and Aboriginal cultural materials, as well as collections from Melanesia, Asia and South East Asia. It is open to the public, and is free of charge.

• C. Clarke Earth Science Museum
Another fascinating museum located within the University of Western Australia is the C. Clarke Earth Science Museum. It has an extensive collection of mineral, rock, fossil and meteorite specimens of scientific importance and features an exhibition area for students and the public, to stimulate and satisfy their interest in earth sciences.

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