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  •   Sydney - Untourist Attractions

•   Rose Seidler House
This is one of the most uncompromising modernist houses in Australia designed by architect Harry Seidler for his mother. Its original furniture is one of the most important post-war design collections in Australia.

•   The Justice and Police Museum
For a gruesome insight into Sydney`s criminal past, visit the Justice and Police Museum. This site has formerly housed the Water Police Court, Water Police Station and the Police Court. The museum features a magistrates` court, a recreation of a police charge room, remand cells and a gallery of mug shots of Sydney's early criminals. There is also an array of weapons and relics from notorious crimes.

•   Sydney Observatory
This historic observatory includes a museum about astronomy and its history. There are exhibitions, films, talks and night viewings.

•   Harrys Café De Wheels
Harry`s Café De Wheels is a caravan on wheels, specialising in that Aussie tradition, pies, mashed potato, peas and gravy. It was started by Harry `Tiger` Edwards and has been in Woolloomooloo since 1945. Once only open at night, Harry`s can now be enjoyed from 7am. This is a Sydney icon that many famous people have visited.

•   Ginseng Bathhouse and Relaxation Centre
Sydney`s only traditional Korean bathhouse is great for relaxation and health. It features hot and cold Korean-style baths, massage, treatments/facials, spa and sauna. There is also a gym, restaurant and sleeping rooms.

•   Susannah Place Museum
Located in the Rocks, Susannah Place Museum is a row of four terrace houses, together with a traditional corner shop. The buildings provide a fascinating insight into life in The Rocks from the 1840s through to the end of the twentieth century.

•   Go on a Ghost Tour
Climb aboard a classic hearse and pin back your ears as you tour some of the city's more notorious spots, while your guide relates ghoulish and ghastly stories from Sydney`s history. Over at Manly, the quarantine station has ghost tours for adults and kids. Ships that were suspected of carrying diseases were quarantined here along with passengers and crew and it is now (said to be) haunted by the souls that died there.

•   Sydney University Macleay Museum and Nicholson Museum
The Macleay Museum focuses on biological materials and includes displays such as historic photos, insects, vertebrates, ethnography, scientific instruments and natural history. There are shows, tours and current exhibitions. The Nicholson Museum was the first archaeological museum in Australia. It is the research and teaching collection of the Department of Archaeology of Sydney University and holds many European antique collections.

•   Dive with sharks
Now here`s something most of us don`t get the chance to do every day. At Manly Oceanworld, you can not only learn about sharks, those magnificent and often misunderstood creatures of the deep, you can hop in the tank with them. Do it - if you dare!

•   Brett Whiteley Studio Museum
Brett Whiteley`s former home and studio is located in a back street of Surry Hills, directly behind the Ray Hughes gallery. A substantial number of Whitely`s more important works were produced here. The space is now a public museum, administered by the Art Gallery of NSW, after the artist`s death in 1992. With many of his works displayed and fragments from his life still in his home, the museum provides visitors with a unique perspective on the `creative process` and the man behind some fantastic drawings and paintings.

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