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Broome Breakaway
BroomeThis drive encompasses three spectacular regions of this great state. Be captivated by the mysterious rock formations in the Kimberley, explore ancient gorges in the Pilbara and meet wild dolphins at Monkey Mia.

Depart Perth along the Brand Highway to Geraldton. Sample some of the freshest and most renowned seafood of Western Australia and explore the thriving fishing industry at its best. Continue North to the popular seaside of town of Kalbarri and the Murchison River Gorges.

Then travel to Shark Bay for the ultimate Monkey Mia experience. Interact with the dolphins or visit the cliff top lookout of Eagle Bluff. Monkey Mia was a sleepy little town until the early 60s when a small group of dolphins came to meet swimmers near the shore and allowed themselves to be touched and hand-fed. Now Monkey Mia attracts tourists and marine biologists from all over the world to interact with the dolphins.

From Denham, take the northwest coastal highway to explore the stromatolites of Hamelin Pool. Here the peculiarities of Shark Bay have created hypersalination, so the water has twice the salinity of normal seawater. This provides ideal conditions for the strange domed pillars called stromatolites. These unusual rock-like formations are called living fossils because they are among the very oldest forms of life.

The next coastal town on the route is Carnarvon, described as "The Hub of the Gascoyne". Carnarvon is known for its Mango and Banana plantations along the Gascoyne. An interesting fact - Carnarvon’s wide main streets were made to allow a double team of camels pulling twelve-foot high drays shod with big iron wheels to make a U-turn with ease!

Head north to the splendour of Coral Bay and the magnificent Ningaloo Marine Park. The park stretches 14 km out to sea and is the largest fringing coral reef in Australia (250 km). Between March and June it’s the best place to see whale sharks, the worlds largest fish (up to 18,000 kg & 18 m long). It’s then on to Exmouth, renowned for its big game fishing and beaches.

At North West Cape, 6 km north of town is Harold E Holt Base (a major naval communications station). The station monitors the movements of US warships in the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific and tours can be arranged through the Exmouth Visitors Centre. Nearby Cape Range National Park offers scenery of limestone ranges and spectacular gorges.

From Exmouth, drive north to Karratha the gateway to the Hamersley Ranges and waterfalls of the tropical wilderness of Karijini National Park. A sight worth seeing at full moon and low tide is the Stairway to the Moon, visible from Hearson’s Cove, a short drive from Karratha. As the moon rises, its reflection in the water resembles a golden stairway reaching from the water to the moon.

Port Hedland, was founded as a pearling port, the town is now dedicated to shipping out the mineral wealth from the Pilbara’s mines. There is also an opportunity to tour these port facilities, the world’s busiest iron ore port.

Continue to the historic pearling town of Broome, once the pearling capital of the world, until the mother-of-pearl industry was almost wiped out by the invention of the plastic button. Nearby Cable Beach is a spectacular 22 km stretch of white sand, the perfect setting for a sunset camel ride. There is also an extensive range of fishing, diving and pearling tours within the region.

Browse the shops of Broome, the famous Paspaley Pearls and spend the day sightseeing beautiful architecture, pearling relics and the thriving arts and cultural theme of this unique town.

Return by air or stay an extra few days to gain the true Broome Experience.

Extend your Kimberley Experience to Kununurra where you can explore the 300 million year old sandstone cliffs of Hidden Valley National Park or cruise the 1000 kilometres of Lake Argyle where you will experience the vast rich colours and beauty of the Kimberley. Whilst in the area do not miss a tour of the Lake Argyle Diamond mine, which produces one third of the world’s total production and includes the rare pink Argyle diamonds.

Where to Stay

Time required: 11 - 14 days are required.

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